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All of the items pictured in the costumes and props sections are original items used filming Battlestar Galactica in 1978 and 1979.

Photo Sets

Galactica photo set!

Viper photo set!

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Collecting Galactica Scripts

Currently buying, selling and trading both originals and copies of Battlestar Galactica scripts, shooting schedules, call sheets and other production documents. If you have originals or copies to sell or trade, please use the Contact Form at the bottom of this page and provide:
  • Episode title
  • Last date of revision on the front page
  • Number of pages
  • Whether an original or copy
  • Page colors contained in the script (all pink, pink and blue, etc.) or if it is a copy
  • If there are peripheral documents included with the script such as call sheets or shooting schedules, etc.
  • The general condition of the script
If you have any specific wants to add to and enhance your collection, send a list via the contact form.

At present, the archive contains nearly 90 different revisions of Battlestar Galactica scripts, 20 G1980 revisions and more than 1000 pages of peripheral documents regarding the production of both series. Even with a collection this large, your item may be unique and not yet in the archive.

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Costumes - Costumes used during the filming of the series


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Data Archives - Information about all things Galactica


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